brad phillips
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brad phillips - oil paintings

Provisional Still Life, the flowers stuck behind the toilet paper roll, oil painting paradox Erin Bending Over Backwards For Me Portrait of the Artist as aa Young Man untitled
Note For a Door Twice a Day or Insomnia Major Depressive Episode Memoir Study Day In Day Out
Richard Prince borrowed biography (lautrec) vancouver scene for karl hubbuch no comebacks
park and 79th ghetto sunset true story picture to scare my kids untitled
untitled the night sky flowers in the sky final antechamber back of the mirror
for my father in 1995 painted driftwood-or aneurysm haunted nude art's most important the origin of the universe (mr. junior)
desperate measures marriage conference discouraging letter untitled tried and dismissed (entheogenic)
note-in-a-drawer-for-a-door self hypnosis - self recrimination abandoned book and t-shirt idea.jpg j.d. salinger is barnett newman is eastern mysticism.jpg sign from a dream
structure envy - J.D. Salinger Barnett Newman abandoned book idea motif RS heterosexual ornamentall
untitled one month of reading in the mirror (40kb) after carlo molino with lautrec splatter (40kb) deadbeat dad (13kb) hung up on the stairs (for abel f.) (19kb)
personal vargas with aversion (13kb) untitled with paranoia (30kb) Back of The Mirror (36kb) childhood insomnia (17kb) discouraging letter (28kb)
don't worry it's my wife (25kb) if I had a pseudonym (44kb) robert de grimston's evangeline (75kb) vancouver still life (64kb) balanced conditions (26kb)
broken glass (23kb) looking back (24kb) nature morte (22kb) thinking of you as if in dedication
you search for meaning on feeling better sick or pretend sick again private study madam yes revisited
i surrender, dear composition her taste in shoes for joan and joni mitchell dear anxiety
unknown painting evangeline redux (53kb)
for rasool sarangi (102kb) goodnight forever (48kb) madame yes (34kb) mask of kelly ellard (44kb) ms. ryder (73kb)
picnic for one (43kb) rampling (65kb) summer of whatever (109kb) untitled (63kb) untitled (85kb)
we're not dead (44kb) Youth in Asia (30kb) Anne Berger 1989 (35kb) Ant Hill Kids (63kb) Becoming Vivian (71kb)
catholic school (80kb) dead mans finger (29kb) der zauberer (103kb) dirty flowers (36kb) fairfield (24kb)
Radio Club (58kb) Sebstian - Drama Queen (33kb) seminconscious view (79kb) Traitor's Perch (42kb) untitled (35kb)